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Who are we?

Volunteering Peru has been founded by Carlos. He is in charge of promoting the organization, keeping updated the website, contact with the host families and Spanish school.

He is also in charge of the support of all the volunteers. From their pick up from the airport until their last day in Cusco. He keeps an eye on the wellbeing of the volunteers and is always available to help them with anything the volunteer need.

Carlos Rojas Moreano, 39 years old, Peruvian
Carlos-VolunteeringPeruWith studies at the University of Cusco in the career of Geological Eng. And some studies on online marketing. He has extensive experience in working with volunteers, family accommodations and Spanish school. Since his family participates as a volunteer host family for foreign students since 1998 Carlos has a great training and experience in dealing with foreigners. Since its introduction in social programs he has always been familiar with volunteer projects, mainly in projects involving children, because these new people transmit their messages to future generations and because a child should grow up with education. Carlos chose some projects where the volunteer can participate, regarding to the needs of the volunteers, like public transport and located within the city.

So the interest is to continue contributing to the society led him create a place where they could give more opportunity for volunteers to know the reality of the region with a direct benefit to the society for his enormous contribution to Cusco. All of this, added with the customs a volunteer will experience by living with a Peruvian family and learn the Spanish language in their environment makes the volunteer program an unique experience. This is how Volunteering-Peru was made possible in 2008 and together with the active participation of both Carlos, volunteers and some other people who are still promoting assistance to these projects for which may be many more help!