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Spanish Classes

The study period is essential for those Volunteers with no previous Spanish experience and highly recommended for those who want to brush up on their Spanish language and it consists of a study at least 2 weeks which should enable a complete beginner to communicate in Spanish upon finishing the course.

Spanish lessons in CuscoThe Spanish courses available in the school range from beginner and intermediate, to advanced levels. The course includes grammar, conversation, listening, reading and writing. During these first two weeks, you will concentrate on Spanish homework in the afternoons.

After the minimum of 2 weeks of Spanish classes, you will start your volunteer assignment which lasts a minimum of 2 weeks. Extra weeks can be added.

You will have four hours of Spanish classes from Monday to Friday, with a different cultural activity every day in the afternoon or evening, for example cooking classes, salsa lessons, etc.
After 2 weeks of Spanish classes you can start your volunteering. Most projects ask a presence of at least 2 weeks. Of course you can do a volunteer job as long as you want to! For more information about the Spanish course, click here.

There are no specific days for applying to the programs and we receive applications the whole year for volunteering in Peru. Please note that some projects are closed during the summer holidays in Peru (December to March). You should submit an application form and a resume at least two weeks prior to their preferred starting date.

We recommend volunteers to start their Spanish courses on Monday!