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Children Orphanages Maria Salome Ferro and San Judas chico

This orphanage provides comprehensive care to children that are at risk of neglect or that are abandoned and those suffering domestic violence.

There are two separate orphanages, one for boys with a total of 43 boys among children and adolescents and one for girls with a total of 35 children and adolescents. They are usually referred by the juvenile courts. Part of the attention that is given to children is providing a family atmosphere, food, clothing, health check, physical and psychological care and also give them an education and job training.

The goal of this home is that during their stay the children and adolescents can be valued as individuals and recognize their qualities and skills thus empowering them to their advantage by enabling their reintegration into society and develop as a person. While the home has basic services for the realization of its objectives it still requires extra help where you as a volunteer can assist children with their school work, carpentry workshops, recreation and above all giving them lots of attention and love. As a volunteer you can feel free to share ideas with the coordinators of the home for language courses, music, games and everything that you can do for the benefit of children.

Workdays:: Monday to Friday from 15.00h – 18.00h
Kind of people to work with: Children aged 3 – 16 years
Spanish level: Intermediate
Minimum availability: 2 weeks


Casa de Acogida

La Casa de Acogida / foster home is a home where approximately 16 girls and adolescents live who have suffered sexual abuse and exploitation, some of them pregnant or parenting.

The goals at home is to give girls a temporary protected space where they can receive the treatment required for recovery and give the basic services as food, clothing, medical and psychological care. The shelter is a part of the Maria Salome Ferro orphanage and provides the girls sewing workshops, crafts and cakes; all part of education, so in the future they have work that is useful in the society. As a volunteer in this project you can interact with the girls and participating with them in the workshops or planning a course with skills you have. They need lots of attention and your participation will be a part of their recovery and emotional growth.

Workdays:: Monday to Friday from 15.00h – 18.00h
Kind of people to work with: Adolescents aged 13 – 17 years
Spanish level: Intermediate
Minimum availability: 2 weeks