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Orphanage Chaska Wasy

Chaska Wasy means in Quechua `Home of the stars`. This is an orphanage for mentally disabled and deaf children.

Most of the children live in this home because they were abandoned and neglected by their families. In Chaska Wasy they find a place to live and feel like home. The intellectual level of the children in the project is very different. Some children have a normal intelligence but are deaf where other children have the intellectual level of a few months old kid.

Most children go to a school for special need children in the mornings. In the project there are a few workers / mothers who take care of the children. This mostly consists of personal care (toilet, bath, etc) and preparing meals. There is not much space for the workers to do other activities or play with the children.

As a volunteer you will have a big contribution in this. The volunteer play with the children, help with their homework, do activities and most important of all; give the children lots of love and attention. The children in this project will definitely steal your heart!


Workdays: Monday – Friday from 9.00 – 13.00 and 14.30 – 18.00
Kind of people to work with: Mentally disabled and deaf children
Spanish level: Basic
Minimum availability: 02 weeks