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Madre Teresa

Hogar Madre Teresa de Calcutta is a home for mentally and physically disabled children and adults. There are approximately 20 children and 50 adults and elderly in the home. The home is run by sisters, also there are working therapists and caretakers. Madre Teresa of Calcutta is a religious project.

Madre Teresa Calcuta ProjectVolunteers don?t have to be religious, but it is expected that they show respect. The home consists of three sections: a men's department, a women's department and children's department. Until the age of 15 years, the children are in the pediatric ward. Some children go to school in the morning, the rest remains in the home and get therapies, go to church and receive the basic health care. In this project there is a lot of need for volunteers which help with eating and taking care of the residents and also do some activities with them and give a lot of love and attention. You will also be asked to help with cleaning.

The inhabitants, especially the children are very vulnerable so the hygiene is very important. Introducing your own initiatives about doing activities is greatly appreciated, there is not much staff, so the provision of leisure activities and giving attention is something that a volunteer can do a lot for the residents. Also volunteers with expertise in physiotherapy, occupational therapy or experience in working with disabled people are very welcome!

Workdays: Monday to Sunday from 8.00h - 11.30h or 14.00h - 17.00h (Days and hours in agreement)

Kind of people to work with: Mentally and physically disabled children and adults

Spanish level: Basic

Minimum availability: 2 weeks