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Aldea Infantil Juan Pablo II

The Aldea Infantil Juan Pablo II, a children's home for orphans and children who are placed in care by the authorities. It has a total population of 60 children aged between 0 and 18. There are seven houses, in each house there are 8 or 9 children living with a 'mama'. The ages of the children in the houses are mixed, to simulate a sort of family situation.
Juan Pablo ProjectChildren from 3 years and older go to a school outside the orphanage. The school times of the children are different, some go to school in the morning, others in the afternoon.

Besides the houses, the orphanage has some general areas, such as a large diningroom, a chapel and a park and sports field.
Volunteers in the Aldea Infantil help with all activities in the houses. As a volunteer you will be placed in one of the houses, where you will stay the whole period of volunteering. The activities consists mainly of help with homework, helping with the care of the kids, play with the children, offering activities during leisure time, like sports or trips to the park. Attention and love is what the children in this project need a lot!

Workdays: Monday to Sunday from 9.00h - 13.00h or 14.00h - 18.00h (Days in agreement, preferably in the afternoon)
Kind of people to work with: Orphans and neglected children aged 0 to 18 years
Spanish level: Intermediate
Minimum availability: 4 weeks