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Inscription fee, Spanish Courses & Accommodation for 2017

To participate in the program of Volunteering-Peru we have an inscription fee of 80 US Dollars.
We use this fee for administration and transport costs.

The service we offer for this inscription includes:

The costs for a Spanish Course depends on the period you want to take Spanish lessons and if you choose for group or individual lessons:

Group Spanish Course Spanish Course / half time / Individual
4 hours per day Mon-Fri
U$D 140 per Week
2 hours per day Mon-Fri
U$D 107 per Week

Intensive Spanish Courses / Individual One to one Lesson
6 hours per day Mon-Fri
U$D 294 per Week
U$D 10.5 per hour

Do you need more weeks for your Spanish lesson?

Note: "If there is only one student on a certain level for the group classes (4h per day), this student will then receive 3 hours of individual lessons instead".

As a volunteer you'll stay with a host family. At the homestay you will get three meals a day, which is included in the price.
The prices for the homestays are as follow:


Host Family in Cusco

Weeks Family accommodation 2017
3 meals per day
2 U$D 360
3 U$D 505
4 U$D 660
5 U$D 805
6 U$D 955
7 U$D 1100
8 U$D 1255

Additional days with families U$D 26 per night.

What does the homestay in Cusco include?


Host Family in Coya

Weeks Family accommodation 2017
3 meals per day
1 U$D 115
2 U$D 225
3 U$D 335
4 U$D 445
5 U$D 555
6 U$D 665
7 U$D 775
8 U$D 885

Additional days with families U$D 20 per night.


What the homestay in Coya include?

Note: "The transfer from the airport to the town of Coya is not included. The coordinator of the organization will take you to the town on your first day, but the costs of this transport (approximately $4) are for yourself.  


Other Costs

"Volunteering in Peru" volunteers are required to have Health and Accident Travel Insurance that will cover medical and evacuations costs.

The other costs you will need to meet are your flights, tourist visa (if applicable), shots and departure tax. Volunteers should ensure that they have adequate funds as general spending money including transport to your project each day (approx. US $0.50 per day by bus or US $2.00 by taxi), bottled water, personal costs, beverages, and entertainment.