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Colibri is a project where children who are working on the streets can be childe again for a while. In Cusco there are many kids working on the streets, they sell candy, cigarettes, are cleaning shoes, etc. Often they are forced by their parents to work or they don`t have parents and working on the street is the only way to make some money to eat.

Colibri ProjectEach afternoon, these kids can go to Project Colibri, where they do educational and entertaining activities. Every afternoon about 25 to 30 children visit the project. There is one coordinator present everyday to organize the activities for the children, she is assisted by volunteers.

The age of the children who visit the project is between 5 and 15 years. In addition to the activities the children can get psychological help and assistance in planning their future. The kids are encouraged to go to school.

As a volunteer you help with setting up and implanting activities. It is highly appreciated if you come with your own ideas of activities that can be done. You can organize for example painting or music classes or teach English. Use your imagination and your own abilities!

Workdays: Monday to Friday from 16.00h - 19.00h
Kind of people to work with: Street kids aged 5-15 years
Spanish level: Basic
Minimum availability: 2 weeks