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Institute Alter Ego - Cultural Exchange

The Institute Alter Ego is a language school where lessons are given in several languages (Spanish, English, French, Italian, Quechua). The founder is a Frenchman called Willian, who has launched this project in 2008. Language classes are given in the Institute for anyone who wants to learn a language. The institute collaborates with NGOs (non governmental organization) in the region.

Alter Ego ExchangeThis cooperation consists mainly of giving scholarships to young people who do not have the financial means to learn a language at the institute or any other language school in Cusco. By a scholarship they can still learn a foreign language and thus increase their chances for the future. The cooperation of the Institute Alter Ego and Volunteering-Peru consists of a language-exchange. The volunteer teaches a languages to young people and in return the volunteer receives Spanish lessons (or another language if the volunteer wants). Before the volunteer starts with teaching he or she works along with an experienced teacher for a week before he gets his own classroom. Textbooks for students and teachers are provided by the institute, in addition, the volunteer / teacher have access extra materials as foreign newspapers, videos, music and internet to make the classes attractive.

Workdays: Monday to Friday, hours in agreement (afternoons)
Kind of people to work with: Young people and adults
Spanish level: Intermediate
Minimum availability: 6 weeks