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About us

Volunteering in Peru was founded in 2008 by Carlos Rojas. Carlos' family has been a host family for foreigners since 1998, so he has always been in contact with people from all over the world.He wants to build a bridge between people who are less fortunate in life and foreign volunteers who want to help and want to learn from his culture.

He is enthusiastic and always willing to show you the city and some Salsa moves! Volunteering in Peru He has extensive experience in working with volunteers, host families and Spanish school. Since its introduction in social programs he has always been familiar with volunteer projects, mainly in projects involving children, because these new people transmit their messages to future generations and because a child should grow up with education. Carlos chose some projects where the volunteer can participate, regarding to the needs of the volunteers, like public transport and located within the city.

Mission & Vision

The goal of the organization is to support projects in Cusco by sending them volunteers which give the projects a helping hand. The volunteers offer a valuable contribution to the society and bridge the gap between foreign visitors and local people.

The volunteers can offer their help in different areas, such as childcare, healthcare, construction, etc. Each volunteer chooses in which project he/she wants to work.

Apart from providing assistance to various social projects in Cusco, we want the volunteers to experience and discover the real way of life in Peru. Therefore we offer a complete program for the volunteers, including Spanish classes and staying with a Peruvian host family. Volunteering in Peru Volunteering- Peru supports a world where people are involved with others who are less fortunate in life. With affordable programs, we aim to give people the opportunity to help in any possible way.