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San Martin is a school for mentally disabled and deaf children aged 3 until 30 years. Volunteers help with all activities during a school day... Read more

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The Olimpiadas Especiales organizes every afternoon sports trainings for mentally disabled youth. All kinds of sports are practiced, like soccer, volley, etc... Read more

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The Aldea Infantil is a shelter for abandoned children and orphans aged 0 until 18 years old. The children live in small houses with a "Mama"... Read more

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Project Colibri is a center where children who are working on the street can be child again. They do educational and other activities and get psychological ... Read more

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In "El Buen Pastor" live girls aged 12 until 18 years. The girls cannot live with their families because of violence in their homes... Read more

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In this home live children and adults who are mentally and physically disabled. There are about 60 persons living here... Read more

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Alter Ego is a language institute for all people who want to learn a language. They give scholarships to less fortunate young people... Read more

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In this small village in the Sacred Valley the volunteers help and teach English in the kinder garden and the primary school... Read more


Welcome to Volunteering-Peru!
Do you want to see more of the world, live in another culture for a while and make yourself useful at the same time? Read here how we can help you with all this!
Our program for volunteering and internships offers you exceptional opportunities to live and work in Cusco, Peru. It is possible to join the program from a minimum of 3 weeks, in this time you can make a valuable contribution to the society. You will work together with volunteers from all over the world and bridge the gap between them and the local people.

Doing volunteering in Peru offers you a special experience of living and working ...Read more

San Martin Project

Don Jose de San Martin
Don Jose de San Martin is a school for mentally handicapped and deaf children. The ages of the children who visit the school varies from 3 to 25 years. The levels of intelligence  are varied and range from severely ...Read more

Spanish Courses for Volunteers
spanish courses

Learn Spanish Before your Project
The study period is essential for those Volunteers with no previous Spanish experience and highly recommended for those who want to brush up on their Spanish language and it consists of a study at least 2 weeks ...Read more

Accommodation for Volunteers
accommodation for volunteers

Accommodation - Host Family / Hostal
During your stay in Cusco, Peru, you can choose from different accommodations to stay. There is the possibility to live with a host family or in a student apartment We recommend you to stay at least the first ...Read more

  • Lates Blog Posts

    Welcome to our first blog! With this blog we will keep you informed about all the things happening in our organisation and in the projects.
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